Products – Unic Rotarex®

Steel Houses

Technologies - Unic Rotarex® steel houseStructures for houses done by the technology that sets the tone for change in producing galvanised light steel structures. Economical houses which can be built fast and with a low price.


steel structure for five floors blockBuildings up to 5 floors.

With the correct architecture, important cost reduction can be obtained.

Steel industrial buildings

Technologies - Unic Rotarex® steel structures for industrial buildings A range of low priced industrial steel structures. Characterised by a short construction time and ease of installation.


modular industrial building by Unic Rotarex® A temporary industrial building can be the modular industrial building made of overlaid containers.

The containers with a roof over them.

Steel Modular Houses

Technologies - Unic Rotarex® modular structuresConstruction type with inclinations to be modular. We can put into practice all your ideas. Containers, standard modules or modular walls built with lightweight steel structure.


Custom structures with or without interior compartments for all uses.

Buy the structure from us and plate it with what you want.