Modular house

Modular house and container technology, with galvanized steel structure. The base of the structures are the cold-formed steel profiles, with which we can create many models of modular houses and containers.

Modular house

At this time we have developed four different technologies for building a modular house:

the first one is the lightweight steel structure house technology. In our thinking this one is already very fast. Above all, building a house in a few days is not something for every constructive system;

the production technology of lightweight steel profiles and structures  for containers is another form of modular building;

putting together containers in order to form a modular house is a technology we also wish to develop in the next period;

in the future we will offer two types of prefabricated structural elements:

  • modular structural elements (only the steel structure)
  • modular structural elements with cladding

Guard cabins were the first container structures we have done.

We are preparing modular walls, which will revolutionize an important part of modular constructions.

At your request, we design any shape or module you can think about.

In our project, there will be small, transportable houses. Also modules for advertising panels, stairs or fences.

Prepare yourselves to discover the true speed and simplicity of our modules.

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